In April 2018, Dr. Jan Moons (CEO Inovet) and Mr. Felix Moons (Export Area Manager) visited Tosam Integrated Services Ltd.


Size does matter

Nigeria is the “Giant of Africa.” This giant has over 175 million inhabitants, which makes it the most populous country in Africa. Not only the number of inhabitants is impressive, but also the livestock are remarkable. With a livestock industry which is comprised out of 145 million chickens, 19.5 million cattle, 72.5 million goats, 41.3 million sheep, 7.1 million pigs, 28,000 camels, 11.6 million ducks, and 1.2 million turkeys.


A partnership to be proud of

VMD Livestock pharma congratulates the efforts of Mr. Elijah, Mrs. Toyin and their entire team in showing their strength in Nigeria. Their continuous hard work and dedication has ensured that VMD Livestock pharma portfolio acquires a good share of the current poultry industry in Nigeria.