The first edition of Aviana Nigeria 2018 “International exhibition for poultry, diary and aquaculture” took place in the International Conference Centre, Ibadan, Nigeria on 25th and 26th April 2018.


TOSAM Integrated Service Ltd in conjunction with their partner VMD Livestock pharma, participated in this pivotal exhibition. Dr. Jan Moons (CEO Inovet) and Mr. Felix Moons (Export Area Manager) joined Mr. Samuel Elijah (CEO, TOSAM) and his team to endorse the VMD Livestock pharma brand.


Compromising on quality? No, thank you!

The persistent price increase of many raw materials for medicines tempt companies to compromise on quality. For many processors and manufacturers these higher prices brings a dilemma: play along in the price war and compromise on quality as a result, or increase the price accordingly to keep ensuring the same level of standards. Without a doubt, and almost stubbornly, we always chose for the same European Quality – Worldwide.

Hence, we don’t compromise on Quality and Efficacy! By providing Nigerian professionals with European veterinary medicines and animal health products, VMD Livestock pharma is able to improve the overall profitability for professionals. They notice the benefits of using these higher quality medicines, rather than raw materials. The use of these medicines does not only increases the Return on Investment (ROI), it also facilitates global animal and human health.


A partnership to be proud of

VMD Livestock pharma congratulates the efforts of Mr. Elijah, Mrs. Toyin and their entire team in showing their strength during this event. Their continuous hard work and dedication has ensured that VMD Livestock pharma portfolio acquires a good share of the current poultry industry in Nigeria.